Is This You- How I can help

Do you feel tired and have no interest in anything? Are you having negative thoughts and feelings, over thinking about the past or the future? Could you possibly be an over thinker, or do you worry all the time or maybe feel guilty, but not sure why? Would you be happy if you did not have to worry about these things?

Maybe you are in a vicious cycle of binge eating or not eating enough and have weight issues. Perhaps you suffer with OCD, PTSD or ADHD. or could it be you are getting Tummy Pains (IBS) headaches, migraines or sickness.  Do you dream of having more confidence and self belief, and stop comparing yourself to others. Possibly you struggle to say no to people thinking you need to please them for them to like you. Have you got unwanted habits, feel over worked or not sleeping well. Hypnotherapy can definitely help

Issues like these, can be brought on by stress,  and stop us from living the life you would like too. How would you feel if you could change these things? Feel happy again being able to cope again and able to focus on today and the rest of your life without negativity. To be able to put the past in the past and enjoy the day feeling calm relaxed and happy. I suffered with many of the above symptoms and thought I had to live in this black hole until I found a solution and found the right treatment for me. I can help you to become the person you want to be if you want to change. Week by week you will see yourself change into the person free from anxiety and stress.