Hypnotherapy for Children with Anxiety

Children and young adults are each day being added to the doctors waiting list for referral to see a psychologist for many different issues.

If you knew something could help them in just a short time, would you invest? This investment can last them a life time.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy not only will help them deal with the anxiety related issue they are suffering with> It will also help them be more confident, happy and more motivated.

Once they learn how to focus on the good things in life and not worry about the past or the future, they become more grounded and focused on what needs to be done.

Exams are coming up and instead of worrying about how they are going to get through them, they will be able to deal with the thoughts and emotions step by step, so it is not overwhelming for them.

We want the best for our children.

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Life Style Overhaul

Do you feel that life is passing you by, and you have lost direction and purpose. Do you feel like an imposter in your body. Has you mojo got up and gone?

If that sounds like you, I have the answer to your concerns.

It could be you are not sleeping properly

It could be you are not eating properly

It could be you are not making time for you.

Many of my clients have felt the same as you do, and in a few weeks of hypnosis confidence practice has made them feel back to how they wanted to feel again.

It really is as easy as one, two, three.

If you believe this could be for you Contact me for more information or book now.

The new you can start today. You can flourish just like the daisies

Find What Makes you Happy

Have you lost your confidence or spark? Here at Rainbow Hypnotherapy our mission is to Bring that Spark back in your Life, so you feel Happy, Confident, able to say and do the things you want to do making no apologies for who you are.

Is life a struggle, do you lack in motivation and feel like staying in bed all day? You can get your Mojo back. Depression is often a lack of motivation, once you take the first step to recover, you will not look back.

There are so many things people don’t think possible with Hypnotherapy, it helps with a whole list of anxiety related problems, from Stress and Anxiety to Pain, Phobias, addictions, weight loss and bereavement to name a few.

Do you constantly live in the past, or over think things which makes you unable to move forward with life?

Are the pressures of life taking their toll on you or any of your family?

Hypnotherapy is suitable for almost anyone, and is becoming very popular in schools, colleges, and Universities. Young adults are particularly keen on the process. I can’t tell you enough how hypnotherapy helps? I see the evidence every day.

For some it is very hard not to have negative thoughts and feelings I can help you to leave the past in the past and move forward in life. During treatment the focus on today and the future, because going over and over old problems is exhausting for the mind and body. You can come for treatment and not even mention what’s happened in the past, although if you want to speak about something I am happy to listen. I believe through not talking about the past is a big part in the success of this process. We work on positives rather than the negatives. Why would we want to keep banging our head against a wall? The mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality, and each time we go over the past we cause ourselves more stress by reliving it.

Hypnotherapy is an MOT for the mind. We often take care of the outside but what about the inside. Once you finish treatment you will feel exhilarated, positive and will be able to go out in the world and reach for the stars.

Each week you will get closer to being that confident, focused, and positive person you would like to be. Maybe you work extremely hard, and are feeling exhausted, and lacking in energy? A solution could be, to have a mental massage, to help you unwind and relax at the end of a busy week.

I help my clients every step of the way to find their inner spark. Helping them to find the solution to the problem. I believe with my knowledge and insight there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

This picture reminds me of a happy time when I used to make daisy chains, what is your happy time?

Is This You- How I can help

Do you feel tired and have no interest in anything? Are you having negative thoughts and feelings, over thinking about the past or the future? Could you possibly be an over thinker, or do you worry all the time or maybe feel guilty, but not sure why? Would you be happy if you did not have to worry about these things?

Maybe you are in a vicious cycle of binge eating or not eating enough and have weight issues. Perhaps you suffer with OCD, PTSD or ADHD. or could it be you are getting Tummy Pains (IBS) headaches, migraines or sickness.  Do you dream of having more confidence and self belief, and stop comparing yourself to others. Possibly you struggle to say no to people thinking you need to please them for them to like you. Have you got unwanted habits, feel over worked or not sleeping well. Hypnotherapy can definitely help

Issues like these, can be brought on by stress,  and stop us from living the life you would like too. How would you feel if you could change these things? Feel happy again being able to cope again and able to focus on today and the rest of your life without negativity. To be able to put the past in the past and enjoy the day feeling calm relaxed and happy. I suffered with many of the above symptoms and thought I had to live in this black hole until I found a solution and found the right treatment for me. I can help you to become the person you want to be if you want to change. Week by week you will see yourself change into the person free from anxiety and stress.

How children and young adults can overcome anxiety related problems related issues

Children, and young adults suffer with similar stress related problems as adults do. When they are feeling under pressure, or suffering with low self esteem. Maybe they have exam nerves, or relationship issues. Perhaps they have become withdrawn. Often this can affect their sleeping patterns and cause unhealthy eating habits.

Life’s achievers tend to feel an abundance of confidence. But however, many of us find confidence is something we are not able to access. Low self confidence can be extremely debilitating, affecting our ability to achieve the things we would like too. What if you could be confident, self assured in life? would that feel good? with Hypnotherapy, this can become reality. As the saying goes “It is all in the mind” with confidence which is absolutely true. Through hypnotherapy and coaching you will immediately become more powerful, empowered and confident whenever the situation requires you to be. By addressing these issues, it will help them move forward in life enabling them to create new behaviours and patterns. The benefits of Hypnotherapy, early in life gives the young people a great foundation . They will be able to approach life with confidence and self belief.

Children 8 years or above can benefit.

During sessions we will talk about positive thinking. It could be their favourite things to do, how they are getting on with school, college, or University. We will talk about what makes them happy, this all helps to build up a relationship rapport. In working this way it will help them feel comfortable and relaxed. Hypnotherapy and NLP will help the young person to quickly become more confident, this is evident early on in treatment, along with helping them move forward in life. They will be in control of their emotions, therefore able to make better decisions and achieve what they want in life.


Depression and Anxiety are very debilitating to the person suffering and also their family. It can be frustrating waiting for doctors appointments, while your life is getting no better. You have no get up and go, you feel exhausted all the time. Time is ticking by, but you feel unable to do anything to change things. That is what depression does to you making you unable to enjoy anything.

Have you heard of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I had not heard of it till a few years ago, but it is one of the best things I ever tried after years of being on medication and numerous visits to councillors. I was getting very good at reliving past bad experiences over and over again. I thought I would just have to live my life feeling, stressed, anxious, depressed, lacking confidence and living in the past. But I was wrong.

After many years  many of struggling, too many I now have a life, and a positive future. I started my life late but as a mature student it has taken me 10 years of hard work and dedication, but I have a  BA hons degree, and  Hypnotherapy accreditation and I am a fully fledged Clinical Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist.

I love love love helping my clients, and to see them flourish week by week.

If you or anyone you know needs support, I am here to help. Together we can build your dream.

Why is sugar addictive?

Sugar releases opioids and dopamine in our bodies. This is is the link between added sugar and addictive behaviour. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. The satisfied feeling we get after consuming it makes it addictive, so we eat more. Sugar addiction can cause serious health problems and can be as addictive as cocaine.

Over time this addiction can cause obesity, diabetes and other medical conditions. Processed foods and refined grains create additional sugar in the body. Once the body metabolises the food, sugar can create a short term “high” and a boost of energy in the body. Too much sugar is especially risky for people suffering from anxiety and stress, because they may crave it to balance irritability, or emotional lows. When there is little control, an addiction has developed. Anxiety causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released in the body. For some people that means not being hungry, for others the stress may cause people who already like sugar into more cravings.

Rainbow Hypnotherapy Welcome to my Clinic

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Anna at work

Welcome to my hypnotherapy clinic.  I am Anna,I am able to  help anyone suffering from an anxiety related problem. Please do not suffer unnecessarily. There is a solution to your problem. Contact me for a free discovery call, or to find out more information about the services I have to offer. I also offer home visits and zoom sessions of Hypnotherapy. During August Initial Consultation will be half price with a free MP3 download.

Hypnotherapy Can I move on from past Trauma and experiences

The answer is quite simply yes. During Hypnotherapy sessions, we focus on today and the future. There is no need to go over events that have happened in the past. The brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality and to keep reliving events only causes more stress. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy finds the solution to the problem. This will  enable you to move on and focus on how you would like your life to be, taking small steps to achieving the end goal.

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How Hypnotherapy helps with daily Struggles

Life is hard for many of us at the moment. I can help reduce your stress levels in a very short amount of time. Through using hypnotherapy along with CBT and neuroscience this is a very effective way to change your life for the better. From simple one off relaxation sessions to weekly sessions. I am happy to see clients in my clinic or on zoom. On line sessions are proving to be very popular, as you can have the comfort of your own surroundings. Get yourself feeling better without looking back.