How Hypnotherapy will help you

Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnotherapy has been popular for many years and has helped lots of people recover from stress and anxiety related issues.

Why are some people so sceptical about a treatment that can change their life? If you do not understand something maybe that is where the problem lies. Some people assume it is a stage act, but that is a Hypnotist, using hypnosis as a stage act.

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

SFH is a blend of CBT, hypnosis, talking therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This blended method helps you to be able to cope better with life. It reduces anxiety and makes it easier to move away from past traumas. As a result, enables you to not worry about things which may or may not happen in the future, or dwell on past events. You will be able to concentrate on each day, making it a good day. You will learn how to appreciate and enjoy the simple everyday good things, while challenging yourself to try new experiences to enrich your life.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to remove negative thoughts, sleep better, gain back confidence and control. Above all You will feel able to cope with life so much better.

During sessions we talk about all the good positive things in your life, the therapy room is a happy place to be. You will gain more confidence and understanding of how you want to think and feel. Once you achieve this you will reach goals you never thought you could reach. Therapy is an enjoyable experience, and you will soon be able to put the past in the past and realise you cannot change any of it. This will certainly make it easier for you to move forward towards a happier life.


Trance is very much like daydreaming. It is when the two minds come together and focus on the same thing, when we are in that relaxed state, we can reach the subconscious and be open to positive suggestion.

At first Some of my clients were worried about Trance, but after the first session, they loved it and realised how nice it is to just switch off, relax and focus on the moment, leaving them feeling very refreshed relaxed and calm.

What can be helped with SFH

Fear Phobia
Weight loss/Gain
Exam nerves
Coping strategies such as new job, interview, starting university, school issues
Healthy life changes
Chronic Pain
Pregnancy calm
Cope with illness

and many other issues just ask if you are unsure if it will be helpful

I have had amazing results with, men, women, teenagers, children, and rather than wait weeks to see a doctor, with the chances you will be put on a waiting list to see a councillor or given medication. I urge anyone to give this a try. Treatment lasts on average 8-12 sessions, not only…. but also, you will have the tools to be able to cope better for life.