Hypnotherapy for ADHD

There are 7 great reasons to use hypnotherapy as a tool to help with ADHD

  1.   Children and Adults can be hypnotised.
  2.   Hypnotherapy can be used if the client is on medication or not.
  3.   Treatment is safe, with side effects extremely rare.
  4.   Hypnotherapy can be used in children and young adult as well as adults and is proving very successful.
  5.   It is a good option for the 20% of people who do not recover with conventional methods, or anyone with severe side   from conventional methods.
  6.   Treatment is fast and therefore cost effective.
  7.   The benefits to you or your child are:

Better Focus

Less Distractions

Improves study habit

Releases Traumas and Phobias

Changes Negative Beliefs into Positive ones

Increases Motivation and eliminates procrastination

Improves Sleep

Lowers Anxiety and Depression

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