Hypnotherapy For Phobias

According to the NHS website, a phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. This is not a slight fear but an extreme response. Phobias can be considered to be either simple

A simple phobia is where we are busy enjoying our day, when we see the object of our fear and panic. A complex phobia on the other hand can become a complete opt out of life, as it prevents us from living our life.   A spider or dog phobia is usually a simple phobia. While emetophobia (a fear of vomiting or illness) can be a complex phobia.

With the Covid vaccination that people are being urged to have, needle phobias that could once have been ignored are now having to be dealt with.
Phobias can be created by actual events but often our imagination plays a large part too.

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

If you have one simple phobia, it may be that four sessions of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, will be sufficient to solve the problem. I use a technique that uses the natural processes that take place in the brain. It is called the rewind/reframe technique. It is a very relaxing, gentle treatment which enables you to put the phobias and fears where they belong. That is in the part of the brain where they will no longer cause you concern. This will enable you to move on with your life in a happier, calmer state of mind. So if you are holding back from booking that flight or having that vaccination, get in touch today.

A complex phobia will take more sessions than a simple phobia. As it would also do when someone has  two or more simple phobias. However, the initial consultation is designed to help us to assess the number of sessions required.