Hypnotherapy made me feel positive

Please read if you are in need of feeling positive, wanting to deal with anxiety, wanting to stop feeling low.Find What Makes you Happy
I think health and happiness should be everyone’s priority.
Believe me after I had had my consultation with Anna, I left feeling full of hope, and the positivity had already begun.
Thank you Anna for making me find a positive in everything, have goals to focus on, and helping me to realise that the big worries I had are actually not that big a deal after all.
My friends and family have all noticed a difference in myself and my outlook to life.
I can I will You can too.
Review from Suzi

Hypnotherapy for Teenage Angst

If you are thinking about contacting Anna at Rainbow hypnotherapy for yourself or someone else then do it! Go along for the consultation, give it a go! it could change your life.
As a mother of six, I have lived and learned to listen when my kids need that extra support.
I took my youngest, teenage daughter to see Anna when she was feeling down about 2/3 issues and it was not just teenage angst. Anna gave my child a safe environment to work through her issues and provided her with life tools to get through anything.
Meeting Anna has definitely changed our lives, we feel inspired, motivated and grateful for a wonderful experience.

Hypnotherapy worth every penny

Anna is really friendly and approachable. I felt the benefits straight away from the first session and I am really grateful for Anna. She listens, helps process and is very calming. I had a lot of anxieties racing thoughts and all sorts from a stressful time that was beyond my control and I would not be able to cope with this without Anna’s sessions. She is worth every penny and I would 100% recommend!!!

I was not sure how hypnotherapy would help me?

I find writing reviews hard as I never know how much to write. However it’s very easy to say how brilliant Anna has been and the support I have received.I went to see her for a couple of things and I will admit to going slightly unsure of the process. Anna’s warm and welcoming personality put me at ease straight away.
The process is straightforward and I’m still not sure how it works but it does! Anna has restored my confidence, helped me realise that I can achieve anything I put my mind too. I cannot recommend her enough. A wonderful lady with a special gift.
Thank you Anna

Hypnotherapy helped my daughter who suffered with eczema

Anna treated my daughter who was suffering from anxiety as a result of eczema which was not responding to treatment. Georgia was at a particularly important time in her life with her university finals taking place. I am convinced that without Anna she would not have gained her first class masters degree which she had worked hard for. Anna has changed her life and she has blossomed as a result of the treatment Anna has provided. Just as important is the kindness Anna has shown throughout. We cannot thank her enough! I would recommend her to anyone.

Fear of flying

Anna is brilliant and I’m grateful for her amazing work! I was sceptical about hypnotherapy at first, but after 8 sessions, I can confidently say that hypnotherapy does work.it’s been a pleasure to spend time with Anna she is warm and welcoming. each session has just felt like opening up and chatting to a friend. she’s so lovely and really wants the best for her clients. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone considering hypnotherapy, or to anyone struggling with phobias, anxiety or any other area of them life that they need support with.