Complex Situations

I was sceptical at first about hypnotherapy. It is safe to say I have been proven wrong. Anna has been an absolute God send to me. The whole experience is amazing. The key to the success of this is Anna, she is so skilled and experienced, and makes the whole experience comfortable and relaxing. Anna has helped me through a very complex situation. I has exhausted other options that did not work for me (I wish I had tried this first) I would recommend Anna to support anyone through difficult ties. Thank you so much Anna, you are a beautiful person inside and out. xx

Confidence and Focus

Anna has a wonderfully soothing voice that will put you at ease immediately. During my sessions with her I was able to relax and felt the stress slip away from me. Sometimes I was aware of everything she said …. other times not but I always felt calmer and more confident and focussed afterwards. Those feelings have stayed with me and I am more confident in my dealings with other people. I am more assertive and have a sense of my own worth which I was lacking before. I highly recommend Anna; she’s helped me loads.


I have been having hypnotherapy with Anna after struggling with anxiety. Anna has helped me to think more positively and be much more relaxed. If I find myself getting anxious, my mind remembers what Anna has said and I calm down much faster. Anna has helped make to shape my thoughts so i enjoy life much more now. In a hectic, high pressured world, Anna has been the anecdote I needed. Thank you for making my life sunny again!