ADHD – How Hypnotherapy Can Help

April 28, 2023

Understanding ADHD

People with ADHD tend to focus on something when they are interested and motivated by it. They can often activate one of the ADHD “SUPERPOWERS” called Hyper focus, where they can focus for hours on a topic when motivated to do so.

The truth about Hypnosis and ADHD is that both Children and Adults with ADHD on or off medication can indeed by hypnotised, if they are interested and motivated by the process and wish to experience positive change.

Appealing to the Child or Adults interests and beliefs and motivations, and incorporate these into treatment plans helps with the process, along with slowing down the overthinking process, calming the client.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy there is no need to delve into past traumas or experiences, clients are able to move forward in their life with more self-belief and confidence.

Neurodiverse conditions respond to hypnotherapy as a tool. Hypnosis for People with ADHD helps them to remain calm and in control of their actions and thoughts but helps them release tension. Their anxieties and negative thoughts are distracted while they are in a trance state.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy for ADHD for you or your Child?

  • Children and Adults can be hypnotised
  • Hypnotherapy can be used if the client is or is not on medication
  • Treatment is safe with only very rare side effects
  • Hypnotherapy can be used in younger children and is successful
  • It is a great option for the 20% of people who do not recover with medication or anyone with severe side effects with medication.
  • Treatment is fat and therefore cost effective

What Hypnotherapy will do for you or your child

  • Better Focus
  • Less Distractions
  • Improve Study Habits
  • Releases Traumas and Phobias
  • Changed beliefs about ADHD for the positive
  • Increases motivation and eliminates procrastination
  • Improves Sleep
  • Lowers depression and Anxiety
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