Day to Day Struggles

Life is hard for many of us at the moment. I can help reduce your stress levels in a very short amount of time. Through using hypnotherapy along with CBT and neuroscience this is a very effective way to change your life for the better. From simple one off relaxation sessions to weekly sessions. I am happy to see clients in my clinic or on zoom. On line sessions are proving to be very popular, as you can have the comfort of your own surroundings. Get yourself feeling better without looking back.

Welcome to my New Website

Welcome to my New Website, I am Anna I am currently training to become a Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist with The Clifton Practice. I graduate in January 2021. I am able to see clients free through the month of September, and then half price from October -December. During the past few months of the pandemic of Covid 19 things in our everyday lives have changed, and a lot of people are suffering with the after effects of there daily lives changing, with more and more people suffering with anxiety/stress related conditions. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help with these issues and will work in a relatively short time. I am here to help contact me for more information. Love yourself, Look after yourself..